Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Through the EAP, you can receive up to five prepaid counseling sessions per issue per 12-month period for you and each family member. To access the EAP, call 800.342.8111 / TTY: 711 or visit www.resourcesforliving.com (your username is Green Dot and your password is EAP).You also have access to helpful resources, including Counseling, community resources & self-care: See Mental Health Resources.
  • Coaching: A confidential program designed to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be – handling stress, parenting, weight loss, and more. Appointments are by phone or video conference, and you will create a clear action plan using the SMART goals framework.
  • Discount center: Visit LifeMart to save on cars, hotels, theme parks, movies, concerts, memberships, and more!
  • Wellness: Interactive tools and assessments, educational materials, and more to help you eat better, move better, and be overall healthier and happier.
  • Financial coaching: See Financial Wellness Resources.
  • Work/life services: Guidance for child or senior care, college planning, home improvement projects, and more. Support over the phone and webinars, live talks, audio, and articles are included for additional learning opportunities.
  • Resiliency: Learn about what resiliency is and how you can help foster it in your life as well as the lives of those around you, including a webinar and articles to learn more.
  • Legal assistance: One free 60-minute telephone or face-to-face consultation with an attorney, with additional services at a discounted rate. The website also includes a Legal Forms Library on a variety of topics.
  • Identity-theft resolution: Available to you and your eligible household members at no cost. If you suspect an issue, please call ASAP to be connected to a Fraud Resolution Specialist (FRS).
  • Learning events: Webinars and podcasts ranging from healthy habits to back-to-school survival tips for parents.
  • Manager support: Resources for managers and supervisors to help you and your staff.