Mental Health Resources

As part of your commitment to being healthy, it’s critical to pay attention to your mental wellness and emotional needs, too. Whether you need help managing stress, dealing with a family situation, or fighting an addiction, Green Dot offers confidential resources to help you through any personal issue you may be facing.

Self-care/Emotional Well-being Resources

Programs through Magellan are confidential and available to complete at your own pace, anytime, any day. Call 800.327.6764 or visit (you will create your own email access with password upon your initial visit to the site) to get started: 

  • RESTORE: A seven-session program and mobile app that teaches new skills to help improve sleep, including sleep restrictions, sleep hygiene, and mindfulness.
  • FearFighter: A nine-session program and mobile app for general anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias that focuses on the development of self-management skills to help participants overcome their anxiety.
  • MoodCalmer: A four-session program and mobile app for low mood or depression that teaches skills to recognize unhelpful thoughts and motivates participants with real-life examples.
  • Shade: A ten-session program for alcohol and/or drug use that includes education on alcohol, narcotics, cannabis, and depression, as well as activities for monitoring mood and triggers.
  • OCFighter: A nine-session program for obsessive compulsive disorder that focuses on helping participants understand ritual impacts, identify triggers, and develop self-management skills.
  • ComfortAble: A seven-session program for chronic pain that focuses on helping participants improve functioning, prevent pain flare-ups, and change unproductive thoughts and behaviors. Download it from the App Store.

Counseling Resources (EAP)

Magellan has a national network of licensed professionals trained to help with common challenges, such as stress, anxiety, grief, marital/family relationship concerns, parenting, addictions, and more. Counseling sessions are solution-focused and can help you better understand challenges and determine helpful next steps to move forward. Key features include:

  • No cost to you and your household members
  • Up to five prepaid counseling sessions
  • Entirely confidential
  • Option to meet with someone face-to-face or through video

Call 800.327.6764 or visit to get started with a free, confidential consultation with a licensed mental health professional.

Headspace Meditation App

Did you know that you can register for the paid version of the Headspace app for free? Green Dot has registered and email addresses with Headspace’s Educator initiative. Click on the following link and provide your Green Dot email to start a new account or merge your existing Headspace account: