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Open Enrollment is May 16-30


Learn about our 2023-2024 benefit program!


Open Enrollment for your 2023-2024 benefits is May 16-30.

At Green Dot, we are here to support you and your family with the benefits we offer.

Open Enrollment is your opportunity to take a closer look at your current coverage, explore the benefit options we make available to you, and decide what plans work best for your budget.

Click the button below to learn more about our 2023-2024 benefit program.

Note: If you are an employee of Green Dot California, National, or UPAS, it is not required that you re-enroll in benefits for 2023-2024. If you are an employee of Green Dot Tennessee or Southeast Texas, you WILL need to make an active election during open enrollment to enroll in benefits or you will not have coverage for the next plan year.

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