Green Dot wellness partnerships are available specifically to you as a Green Dot employee and to your family (if applicable). If you have any questions about any of these partnerships, please contact your local Human Resources partner.


LifeMart makes everyday life a little more affordable — and a lot more fun — with both national and local discounts from brands you know and love. LifeMart provides real savings on real life needs. Child care. Senior care. Tuition. Travel. And all those little things in life that can add up. Groceries. Cell phones. The gym. Eating out. School supplies. Whether you’re planning a major purchase like a car, home or vacation, or just want to save on day-to-day essentials, LifeMart is your lifeline.

To sign-up for LifeMart Discount Center, visit www.magellanascend.com and register for a Magellan EAP account.

  1. Once you’ve registered for a Magellan EAP account through Green Dot, enter "LifeMart" in the search bar and Discount Center should pop up as the first option. Click the "Discount Center" link. 
  2. On the Discount Center link, click the "visit LifeMart Discount Center" link and log in with the same user name and password as you used for your Magellan EAP account.

Personal phone plans: Several phone vendors offer educator discounts for personal phone plans. As a Green Dot employee, you can take advantage of some of these offers. Please note, not all plans and products qualify for discounts. Contact each carrier directly to learn what is available.

  • AT&T: Up to 17% discount on select plans when you use your Green Dot email address.
  • Verizon: Up to 25% discount on select lines and accessories if you provide your Green Dot email or paystub.
  • Sprint: Up to 10% discount per line when you use a Green Dot email address in addition to other perks.

Brandman University: To support your or your eligible dependents' ongoing education and career advancement,Green Dot Public Schools has partnered with Brandman University to offer you exclusive benefits, scholarships, and grants.

  • A 10% scholarship is available for undergraduate programs, some Master’s programs, and the doctorate program, Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership.
  • A 15% scholarship is available for select credential programs, including the MA in Teaching and MA in Educational Leadership and Administration.
  • A 20% scholarship is available for the MAELA Master’s program.
  • Access to monthly Extended Education webinars are available at no cost.

Visit the Brandman University website or call 855.899.8859 for more information.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

The EAP, provided by Magellan, is available 24/7 to you and your family members at no cost. You are automatically enrolled in the EAP.

Through the EAP, you can receive up to five prepaid counseling sessions per issue per 12-month period for you and each family member. You also have access to helpful resources, including:

  • Counseling, community resources & self-care: See Mental Health Resources.
  • Coaching: A confidential program designed to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be – handling stress, parenting, weight loss, and more. Appointments are by phone or video conference, and you will create a clear action plan using the SMART goals framework.
  • Discount center: Visit LifeMart to save on cars, hotels, theme parks, movies, concerts, memberships, and more!
  • Wellness: Interactive tools and assessments, educational materials, and more to help you eat better, move better, and be overall healthier and happier.
  • Financial coaching: See Financial Wellness Resources.
  • Work/life services: Guidance for child or senior care, college planning, home improvement projects, and more. Support over the phone and webinars, live talks, audio, and articles are included for additional learning opportunities.
  • Resiliency: Learn about what resiliency is and how you can help foster it in your life as well as the lives of those around you, including a webinar and articles to learn more.
  • Legal assistance: One free 60-minute telephone or face-to-face consultation with an attorney, with additional services at a discounted rate. The website also includes a Legal Forms Library on a variety of topics.
  • Identity-theft resolution: Available to you and your eligible household members at no cost. If you suspect an issue, please call ASAP to be connected to a Fraud Resolution Specialist (FRS).
  • Learning events: Webinars and podcasts ranging from healthy habits to back-to-school survival tips for parents.
  • Manager support: Resources for managers and supervisors to help you and your staff.
  • Smoking cessation: Clickotine is a smoking cessation smartphone app designed and developed by doctors and scientists – it includes personalized messaging, controlled breathing, real-time support, and more.

To access the Magellan EAP, call 800.327.6764 or visit www.magellanascend.com (you will create your own email access with password upon your initial visit to the site).

Fitness Discounts

Your physical health affects the quality of your life and your sustainability at work. That’s why we are proud to offer all Green Dot employees affordable and awesome gym membership options.


Gym discounts are available through LifeMart’s participating vendors:

  • Active&Fit Direct (partners with 10,000+ participating fitness centers) – $25/month enrollment
  • GymNetwork360 (GlobalFit – access to over 8,000+ gyms) – Join for $10
    • 24 Hour Fitness – Up to 15% off
    • Anytime Fitness – Start for $0
    • Boston Sports Club – 10% off
    • Curves – up to $150 off
    • Gold’s Gym – Start for $0
    • LA Fitness – 50% off
    • New York Sports Clubs – 10% off
  • Zeamo (subscription to over 1,000 gyms) – First month free

Anthem members

If you are enrolled in an Anthem medical plan, you have access to following fitness discounts:

  • Active&Fit Direct and GlobalFit allow members to get gym discounts, special offers from Fitbit and Garmin for activity trackers, and weight management discounts through Jenny Craig.
  • Pay only $25 a month for memberships at participating Active&Fit Direct fitness facilities in your region.
  • To learn more and find a participating fitness center near you, log in to www.anthem.com/ca.

Aetna members

If you are enrolled in an Aetna medical plan, you have access to following fitness discounts:

  • GlobalFit and LifeMart allow members to get gym discounts and special offers.
  • To learn more and find a participating fitness center near you, log in to www.aetna.com and click on the “Stay Healthy” tab, then select the discount option you would like to review.

Kaiser members

If you are enrolled in a Kaiser medical plan, you have access to the following fitness discounts:

  • $25 a month memberships at participating Active&Fit Direct fitness facilities in your region.
  • To find out what gyms are available in your area, you can do an online search by ZIP code.
  • Learn more at www.choosehealthy.com/vendors/.

24 Hour Fitness and YMCA (CA Only)

Through our partnerships with 24 Hour Fitness and the YMCA, you and your family can choose the wellness option that works best for you. Each membership is discounted and offers a wealth of perks, only some of which are described below.

24 Hour Fitness:

  • Waived initiation fee for Green Dot employees. Monthly membership rates start at $25.99
  • Includes unlimited studio classes
  • Kids Club and Personal/Group Training for additional fees
  • Discounted membership rates for up to six additional friends or family members
  • Learn more here and get started today using code: 110925CORP
    • Includes FREE seven-day pass


  • Waived initiation fee for Green Dot employees
  • Competitive monthly membership rates — see your local YMCA for details
  • Includes free group exercise classes
  • Includes three free sessions of Get Started Coaching
  • Includes free babysitting during workouts
  • Reduced rates on youth and adult classes
  • Learn more here

Mental Health Resources

As part of your commitment to being healthy, it’s critical to pay attention to your mental wellness and emotional needs, too. Whether you need help managing stress, dealing with a family situation, or fighting an addiction, Green Dot offers confidential resources to help you through any personal issue you may be facing.

Counseling resources (EAP)

Magellan has a national network of licensed professionals trained to help with common challenges, such as stress, anxiety, grief, marital/family relationship concerns, parenting, addictions, and more. Counseling sessions are solution-focused and can help you better understand challenges and determine helpful next steps to move forward. Key features include:

  • No cost to you and your household members
  • Up to five prepaid counseling sessions
  • Entirely confidential
  • Option to meet with someone face-to-face or through video

Call 800.327.6764 or visit www.magellanascend.com to get started with a free, confidential consultation with a licensed mental health professional.

Self-care/Emotional well-being resources

Programs through Magellan are confidential and available to complete at your own pace, anytime, any day. Call 800.327.6764 or visit www.magellanascend.com (you will create your own email access with password upon your initial visit to the site) to get started:

  • RESTORE: A seven-session program and mobile app that teaches new skills to help improve sleep, including sleep restrictions, sleep hygiene, and mindfulness.
  • FearFighter: A nine-session program and mobile app for general anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias that focuses on the development of self-management skills to help participants overcome their anxiety.
  • MoodCalmer: A four-session program and mobile app for low mood or depression that teaches skills to recognize unhelpful thoughts and motivates participants with real-life examples.
  • Shade: A ten-session program for alcohol and/or drug use that includes education on alcohol, narcotics, cannabis, and depression, as well as activities for monitoring mood and triggers.
  • OCFighter: A nine-session program for obsessive compulsive disorder that focuses on helping participants understand ritual impacts, identify triggers, and develop self-management skills.
  • ComfortAble: A seven-session program for chronic pain that focuses on helping participants improve functioning, prevent pain flare-ups, and change unproductive thoughts and behaviors. Download it from the App Store.

Headspace meditation app

Did you know that you can register for the paid version of the Headspace app for free? Green Dot has registered @greendot.org and @animo.org email addresses with Headspace’s Educator initiative. Click on the following link and provide your Green Dot email to start a new account or merge your existing Headspace account: https://work.headspace.com/educators-CA-F-L/join.

Work, health, life resources (Lincoln Financial Group EAP)

Included with your group long-term disability coverage, this program provides you and your family members access to 24/7 confidential support from EmployeeConnect EAP through Lincoln Financial Group. Call 888.628.4824 or go to www.GuidanceResources.com (username: LFGSupport, password: LFGSupport1)

  • Depression
  • Marital or family difficulties
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Substance abuse
  • Legal and financial matters
  • Locating child or elder care
  • Moving and relocation
  • Planning for college, events or vacation
  • Family planning and pregnancy health

Financial Wellness Resources

Feeling financially secure and ready for the future is an important aspect of your overall well-being. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of resources to support your financial wellness, from saving for retirement to setting a monthly budget, from managing debt and credit issues to working toward your personal financial goals.

Fidelity 401(k)

Green Dot partners with Fidelity Investments to administer our 401(k) plan. A 401(k) is a qualified retirement plan that allows eligible employees to save and invest for their own retirement. Green Dot Public Schools offers both a traditional pre-tax deferral option as well as a Roth option that allows for after tax deferrals. Eligible employees can participate after one month of employment and can contribute on a percentage of wages or a flat dollar amount basis each pay period. Your contributions are vested immediately. If you participate in the 401(k) plan and are not enrolled in a state pension plan, you may be eligible to receive an employer matching contribution (or similar benefit) after 12 months of service. Visit Fidelity NetBenefits at www.401k.com to enroll in the plan or call the Fidelity Service Team at 800.835.5097.

Financial wellness coaching

Green Dot Public Schools has teamed up with Cerity Partners to provide financial wellness coaching to help you reach more of your financial goals. Wellness coaching can help you:

  • Build a budget
  • Create an emergency fund
  • Get out of debit
  • Improve your credit
  • Buy a home
  • Save for college
  • Plan for retirement
  • Evaluate insurance and estate planning needs

To begin taking advantage of financial wellness coaching, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the financial wellness portal.
  2. Click on “Register new account” then create an account with your email address.
  3. Dive into the questions, though completing them before your meeting is not a requirement!
  4. Financial wellness coaches are also available by phone or email Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm PT. Access the portal anytime day or night.

Contact the financial wellness team with questions at WealthHealth@CerityPartners.com or 800.563.7166.

Life Services website

Included with your Lincoln Financial Group term life insurance is access to the Life Services website, which provides educational resources to help you meet your personal and financial goals and improve your overall well-being. Go to www.workhealthlife.com to find information and tools that will help you:

  • Assess your financial well-being
  • Manage your finances
  • Protect against identity theft
  • Create a legally-binding, state-specific will and other legal documents
  • Stay informed about important life matters
  • Ensure support for your beneficiaries


As part of your life and/or AD&D insurance, you and your loved ones have free access to TravelConnect, a comprehensive program that provides emergency travel services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever you travel 100+ miles from home. Learn more about the TravelConnect services at mysearchlightportal.com and enter group ID: LFGTravel123. Services include:

  • Recovering lost or stolen luggage and documents
  • Making emergency travel arrangements
  • Finding medical and dental care
  • Language translation
  • Medication and vaccine delivery
  • Evacuation coordination for natural disaster or security threat
  • Transportation to a more qualified medical facility
  • Travel arrangements for your dependent children
  • Corrective lens and medical device replacement

Financial wellness solutions

Whether you’re planning for retirement, repaying student loans, buying a home, figuring out how to manage your debt, or dealing with any kind of financial issue, you can consult with a financial coach or take advantage of the financial resources library available through the Magellan EAP. Key features include:

  • Two free 30-minute telephone financial consultations per issue, per year are available for you and your household members.
  • For services beyond 60 minutes, members may elect to continue working with their coach at a discounted rate.

Call 800.327.6764 to get started.