Community wellness resources are not specific to Green Dot, but include a compilation of available resources found online. If you have questions about these resources, please contact the program directly. If you find any of the resources are no longer available and/or If you have any recommended additional resources to add to this section, please contact your local Human Resources partner.

Loan Forgiveness Programs

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

This program forgives the remaining balance on your Federal Direct Loans after 120 qualifying payments (10 years).

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

This program forgives up to $17,500 of your Direct or FFEL Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loans after five complete and consecutive years of teaching at a qualifying school.

  • You must have been employed as a full-time teacher at an eligible school for five complete and consecutive academic years, and at least one of those years must have been after the 1997–98 academic year.
  • Certain highly qualified special education and secondary mathematics or science teachers can qualify for up to $17,500 in forgiveness.
  • Other eligible teachers can qualify for up to $5,000.
  • PLUS loans and Perkins Loans are not eligible to be forgiven through this program. Any time you spent teaching to receive benefits through AmeriCorps cannot be counted toward your required five years of teaching for teacher loan forgiveness.
  • Teacher loan forgiveness applications are accepted after you have completed the five-year teaching requirement.
  • Learn more at https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/teacher.
  • Print and complete the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Application.

Perkins Loan Cancellation for Teachers

This program forgives up to 100% of your Federal Perkins Loan Program if you teach full time at a low-income school, or if you teach certain subjects.

  • Only Federal Perkins Loans will be forgiven. Check to see if you have Perkins Loans at StudentAid.gov.
  • If you are eligible for this program, up to 100% of the loan may be canceled for teaching service, in the following increments:
    • 15% canceled per year for the first and second years of service.
    • 20% canceled for the third and fourth years.
    • 30% canceled for the fifth year.
  • Each amount canceled per year includes the interest that accrued during the year.
  • Learn more at https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/perkins.

State-sponsored student loan forgiveness programs

Learn more about the many state-sponsored student loan forgiveness program options!

Tennessee Math and Science Teacher Loan Forgiveness

This program provides financial assistance to Tennessee public school teachers seeking an advanced degree in a math or a science, or a certification to teach a math or a science. Loan forgiveness requires employment in a Tennessee public school system two years for each year of the loan funding received.

Wellness Apps

Use this list of free and low-cost mobile apps to help you pursue your wellness goals — right from the convenience and privacy of your smartphone.

Physical wellness apps

  • Sworkit: Pick cardio, strength, yoga, or stretching workouts, and how much time you have (five minutes to an hour), and Sworkit walks you through the session with videos and guided voice cues. (For $5 a month, you can talk to a trainer, too.)
  • C25k: Even couch potatoes can work up to running a 5K with this realistic, well-paced program. The app offers an 8-week training schedule (three workouts a week) that’s designed specifically for non-runners to develop endurance and strength. You alternate between walking and running, and by the end of the eight weeks, you’re running the 5K you never thought was possible.

Sleep wellness apps

  • Sleepbot: Diagnose your sleep deficit and wake up refreshed with this app. A motion tracker and sound recorder work with your phone to monitor how long you take to fall asleep, how many hours you’re getting, how restless you are, and what’s interrupting your Z’s. The smart alarm rings when you’re in a light-sleep-stage cycle, a healthy time to get up.

Meditation apps

  • Calm: Calm is currently working on its Schools Initiatives. Visit their website for a guide to Introducing Mindfulness to Schools.

Pharmacy/medication apps

  • OneRx: Major pharmacy benefits managers, including Express Scripts, Caremark, and OptumRx, have apps that let you compare prescription drug prices. No app for your plan? Take a photo of your insurance card, and OneRx will give you estimated prescription drug copays based on your plan (plus cash prices).

Financial wellness apps

  • PocketGuard: PocketGuard is an all-in-one bank account tracking and budget management app that shows you how much you’ve got in your accounts, as well as how much you can afford to spend for the day. The app connects to your bank and card accounts through an encrypted, read-only connection, allowing you to quickly view the status of your accounts and transactions while remaining secure. The app automatically sorts your purchases, subscriptions, and bill payments, and factors in your previous spending factors to provide you an estimate as to how much you can safely spend from your accounts without going into the red.
  • Wally: This budget-tracking app has undergone a serious makeover with Wally Next. The updated version provides you with budget- and expense-tracking tools for free, with a wealth of extra features available through premium subscriptions. Users sign in with their email address and can then set a savings target and daily budget, log expenses and income, track expenses over time, set reminders for bills, and more, all presented in a timeline feed or in a calendar. Premium subscription packages add features like group budget tracking, foreign accounts and currency conversions, and other features. Bank account syncing isn’t available, though, so Wally Next will require a bit more manual tracking on your part.
  • Spendee: This app features a brightly colored, user-friendly interface that comes with great budget-tracking tools, whether you’re a free user or a subscriber. Users can easily input and categorize expenses, complete with receipts and photos. You also can quickly view your expenses in a feed view, while the Overview mode offers useful infographics on your spending over time plus a breakdown of what items and categories you’re spending your money on. Spendee has also added a budget-creation tool, elevating it from expense tracker to proper budgeting app. Premium users get even more, with bank account syncing for automatic expense logging, as well as multiple budgets, shareable savings wallets, and cross-device syncing.

Los Angeles Area Community Wellness Resources

Community resources

There’s a lot going on in your community! Take advantage of these free or low-cost resources to stay focused on your total health.

All of Los Angeles:
  • National Alliance on Mental Health – Urban Los Angeles: Provides an extensive list of mental health resources throughout the LA area. Click on the link to see resources for the following topics:
    • Crisis Support, Helplines, and Warm Lines
    • Organizations and Campaigns
    • Mental Health, Rehab, and Counseling Services
    • Psychiatric Inpatient Services
    • Outpatient Clinics and Wellness Centers
    • Urgent Care Centers
    • Support Groups and Education Classes
    • Transitional Age Youth Drop-In Centers/Services
    • Benefits Assistance, Housing, Shelters, and Food
    • Peer Centers and Respites
    • Apps
    • Holistic Health
  • Nutrition classes/Nonprofits:
    • Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative Class Schedule: Prices vary by location. This initiative helps new gardeners start their own gardens — whether in a container, their backyard, or a community garden.
    • Slow Food LA: Free programs that revolve around sustainable agriculture. Check out their website for updated event listings.

Downtown LA Area/Silver Lake:

  • Physical activities
    • Elysian Park West Loop: About 2½ miles, a great beginner hike.
    • Yoga Circle Downtown: 400 S. Main Street. They have prices listed but invite you to attend and pay whatever amount you are able to. Their perspective is that financial hardship should never be a barrier to practicing yoga. Suggested donation of $16. Check the website for updates.
    • Yogala Echo Park: 1840 Echo Park Avenue Donation-based classes: Mon 10:30 am, 6:30 pm; Tue 5:30 pm; Wed 10:30 am; Thu 8:30 am; Fri 10:30 am. Give whatever you can! Check the website for class schedule and details.
    • November Project Griffith Observatory: Free 45-minute cardio and core workouts! Meets every Wednesday at Griffith Observatory at 5:27 and 6:27 am and every Friday at 6 am with rotating destinations around the city, which can be found in their tracker.
  • Art
    • Watts Towers : Art installation that doubles as a nice walking trail.
    • The Broad: Free admission to the museum, located in the heart of downtown LA. Get tickets online to avoid the lines.
  • Community gardens
    • Green Grounds: Based in South LA, the goal is to turn South LA yards into edible gardens. Check their website for how to get involved and see the schedule of events.


  • Public gardens/Museums
  • Physical activities/Parks
    • Brookside Park: Swimming pool, tennis courts, baseball fields, open grass area, picnic tables, and play area. Some areas require reservation for use. View website for more details.
    • Eaton Canyon: Hiking, wildlife/environment educational programs.


  • Physical activities
    • Runyon Canyon Yoga: 2000 North Fuller Avenue Classes offered three to four times each day, free, but $5–$15 donations are welcome. View the website and their Facebook page (listed on the website) for updates.
    • Runyon Canyon Hiking Trail: About 2.5-mile loop, dog-friendly!
  • Community gardens

Westside/Santa Monica:

South Bay:

Long Beach:

  • Physical activities
    • Free Yoga on the Bluff: 3141 E. Broadway, Long Beach. Classes seven days a week, seasonal 6 pm classes Mon‒Fri.
    • Fitness Zones: Easy-to-use outdoor gyms, walking paths, and more for access to free workout equipment.
    • Signal Hill Hike: A 2-mile loop, with scenic views of the city. Well-paved and great for beginners!
  • Public gardens
    • El Dorado Nature Center: 7550 E. Spring Street. Trails and a museum. About $7 to park on the weekends.
    • Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden: Located in the heart of Cal State Long Beach; admission is only $5 ($4 for alums!). Closed on Saturdays, but open Sundays and Tuesdays‒Fridays.
    • Rancho Los Alamitos: Free admission, with access to gardens and the barns area. Tours are available.

Tips for finding healthy food

Use the following list of meal services, markets, and grocers available in your area to make healthier food selections for you and your family.

All of Los Angeles:

  • Meal delivery services
    • Sun Basket: Free delivery on first order, certified organic ingredients.
    • HelloFresh: $80 off first order and free shipping.
    • Green Chef: $75 for first three orders. All organic ingredients.
    • Blue Apron: Get $20 off each of your first three boxes ($60 off total).
  • Grocery delivery services
    • Imperfect Produce: Pay 30% less than grocery store prices, help fight food waste, and customize your box to whatever you’d like.
    • Instacart: A variety of grocery store options to choose from. Makes purchasing healthy foods easy.
    • Amazon Prime/Fresh: Delivers fresh produce/grocery items right to your door.

Downtown LA Area/ Silver Lake:

  • Natural grocers



Westside/Santa Monica:

South Bay:

Long Beach:

Note: In general, chain grocery stores like Ralphs, Trader Joe’s, etc., have fresh and affordable healthy options and produce. Yelp is a great resource for finding farmers markets and reading reviews about the vendors.

Financial wellness

Keep your wallet as healthy as your body with these financial wellness resources and discounts.

Highest-rated 529 plans in California:

  • ScholarShare 529: California’s ScholarShare 529 is available to residents of any state. It offers a variety of investment options from TIAA-CREF, T. Rowe Price, and others.

Credit unions:

  • California Credit Union: Special credit union products and services for educators and school staff.
  • Provident Credit Union: Provident Credit Union was established in 1950 to serve the California Teachers Association.
  • Schools First Federal Credit Union: Serving the educational community in the state of California.
    • Summer Saver Accounts at Schools First: This account lets you make deposits from your paycheck through payroll deduction or direct deposit throughout the school year. While you’re working, your money will earn 2.00% – 3.00% APY (depending on which version of the account you sign up for). Once summer rolls around, you can have your funds automatically transferred to your share account, and you can withdraw your money anytime, penalty-free.

California Teachers Association (CTA) discounts:

  • If you are a member of the California Teachers Association, click here to find discounts on everyday items such as food, clothing, car care, travel, entertainment, home and garden, car rentals, magazines, wireless products, appliances, theme parks, and more.

Memphis and Southaven Area Community Wellness Resources

Community resources

There’s a lot going on in your community! Take advantage of these free or low-cost resources to stay focused on your total health.


  • National Alliance on Mental Health – Memphis: Website dedicated to the city of Memphis, listing programs, calendar of events, and resources, including:
    • Mental illness
    • Mental health crisis line
    • Veterans resources
    • 211 resource directory
    • Housing
  • Physical activities
  • Arts, culture, and entertainment
  • Public parks/gardens
    • Shelby Farms Park: Located in the heart of Memphis, Shelby Farms Park offers 4,500 acres of green space. It’s free Get Outside! Fitness Programs offer a chance for the whole family to get fit, stay active, and enjoy being in nature. Beginners welcome! Check the website’s calendar for the most up-to-date schedule.
    • Memphis Botanic Garden: $10 to visit, check the website for additional information, including concert schedule.
    • Memphis River Parks: Explore the many parks along the Memphis River.
  • Community gardens
    • Memphis Tilth: A network of community gardens, Memphis Tilth offers a way to be a member of neighborhood-level projects, growing food locally and cooking that food together.
  • Nutrition, physical activity, wellness, and more
    • The Well at Church Health: The Well is Church Health’s prevention and wellness center for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old and their families. The program focuses on addressing the root causes that affect the health and wellness of children and families: physical activity, nutrition, body image, self-esteem, safety education, and violence prevention. Go to the website to see their calendar of events.

Tips for finding healthy food

Use the following list of meal services, markets, and grocers available in your area to make healthier food selections for you and your family.


  • Meal delivery services
    • Home Chef: Take $80 off your first four boxes ($20 off each box).
    • Hello Fresh: Meals starting as low as $6.99 each.
    • Blue Apron: Get $20 off each of your first three boxes ($60 off total).
    • Amazon Prime/Fresh: Delivers fresh produce/grocery items right to your door.
    • IONutrition: All organic, eco-friendly packaging, free delivery.
    • Fresh N’Lean: Ready-to-eat meal plans with a changing menu every week.
    • Soli: Nutritious meals for any time of day.
  • Natural grocers
  • Farmers markets
    • Agricenter Farmers Market (Mon – Fri, 7:30 am‒5:30 pm, Sat 7 am‒5:30 pm) Open six days a week between May and October. Offers a variety of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, hand-made accessories, and plants/flowers – all inside a red, barn-shaped building.
    • South Memphis Farmers Market (Thursdays, 9 am–3 pm, 1400 Mississippi Boulevard) This farmers market brings inexpensive, fresh produce to one of the city’s biggest food deserts – South Memphis. The farmers market is open every Thursday afternoon from May until November and accepts EBT cards. The market also has a store called The Grocer, which sells produce and other groceries from 10 am to 6 pm. MonFri, and 10 am‒5 pm on Saturdays.
    • Memphis Farmers Market (Saturdays ONLY, 8 am–1 pm, Central Station Pavilion) This downtown farmers market is by far the most popular in the area. Every Saturday from April to October, the pavilion is packed with fresh produce, flowers, coffee, seafood, prepared foods, and handmade goods. You can also find live music, food trucks, and kids’ activities.
  • Restaurants with teacher discounts: From sushi to tap rooms!

Southaven & Olive Branch:

  • Meal/grocery delivery services
    • Home Chef:Take $80 off your first four boxes ($20 off each box).
    • Hello Fresh: Meals starting as low as $6.99 each.
    • Blue Apron: Get $20 off each of your first three boxes ($60 off total).
    • Amazon Prime/Fresh: Delivers fresh produce/grocery items right to your door.
  • Natural grocers
    • ALDI: 6626 Goodman Road, Olive Branch. High-quality produce and healthy options at a low price. Bring your own grocery bags, or they will charge you!
    • Kroger: 7427 Goodman Road, Olive Branch. Large grocery store with healthy options available.
    • Superlo Foods: Multiple locations.
    • Piggly Wiggly: 6459 Cockrum Street, Olive Branch. Grocery store chain with produce and healthy options available. Click here for some Piggly Wiggly vegetable-friendly recipes!
  • Farmers markets
    • Olive Branch Farmers Market: 9200 Pigeon Roost Road, June–September on Saturdays, 8 am‒1 pm.
    • Hernando Farmers Market: Held each Saturday, end of April through the end of September from 8 am to 1 pm. Over 50 vendors during peak season of June and July. Throughout the season, enjoy live music and special events during market hours. The market is located around the DeSoto County Courthouse, 2535 Highway 51.
    • BMBC Indoor Farmers Market: 742 State Line Road East (855.63 mi), Southaven. Fresh salads daily and home and health products; 10 am‒2 pm Monday‒Thursday.
    • Winchester Farmers Market: Daily 8:30 am–9 pm 6616 Winchester Road. Held inside a building, this market sells fresh produce, herbs, and seafood, with a particular Latin American focus.

Financial wellness

Keep your wallet as healthy as your body with these financial wellness resources.

Highest-rated 529 plans in Tennessee:

  • TNStars College Savings 529 Program: The TNStars College Savings 529 Program is administered by the Tennessee Treasury Department. It features an age-based option, individual investment options with underlying funds from a range of fund companies including Vanguard, DFA, and Primecap, and an interest- bearing account option with First Tennessee Bank.

Credit unions:

  • Orion Federal Credit Union: (formerly MATCU) As an Orion member, you can expect higher deposit rates, lower loan rates, personalized checking options, and digital banking solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of our community.
  • Shelby County Federal Credit Union: Open to anyone who lives, works, studies, or worships in Shelby County.

Tennessee Teach901 Discounts Program:

  • Teach901 Discount Program: Find discounts to multiple vendors in the Memphis area, from activities and attractions to food/drink, apparel, and more!