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Open Enrollment is May 11 – May 25

Learn about our 2021/2022 benefit program!


Your benefit needs can change over time. No matter what is happening in your life, it’s important to review all the benefit options during every open enrollment so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family. Click the button below to learn more about our 2021/2022 benefit program.

Note: If you live in California or Texas it is not required that you re-enroll in benefits for 2021/2022. If you do nothing, your current coverage will roll over to 2021/2022. However, it is required that you enroll in the FSA if you would like to participate in those accounts for 2021/2022. You will also need to re-enroll in the Aflac Supplemental Medical plans if you would like to participate in these plans in 2021/2022. If you live in Tennessee you will need to enroll in benefits or you will not have coverage for this next plan year. 

New to Green Dot and need to enroll in benefits for coverage in 2020/2021?


Welcome to Green Dot – we’re glad you’re part of the team! Click the link to the right to access information about your 2020/2021 benefits.


Have you experienced a life event or want to view our 2020/2021 benefits?


If you experienced a recent life event, such as having a baby or getting married, or you simply want a refresher on our 2020/2021 benefit programs, click here.